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About Our Services

General Dentistry


Rely on Glick Dental Associates to give you the healthy, happy smile you’ve always wanted.


Regular visits to your dentist can help prevent gum disease and cavities. The American Dental Association recommends dental check-ups every six months. These check-ups are preventative in nature, and can identify oral health issues before painful symptoms – and costly treatments – are a result.

Glick Dental Associates’ affordable and comprehensive general dentistry services can help give you a beautiful smile by:

  • Working with you to develop a customized oral health plan to prevent, identify and treat tooth decay, cavities and plaque build-up.

  • Offering routine dental care, including fillings and X-rays.

  • Providing restorative and/or cosmetic services offered by our staff or referring you to other specialists as needed.

  • Accommodating a variety of insurance and payment plans.


General Dentistry for Solon and Nearby Locations


Our offices are comfortable, professional and friendly. Our skilled dental professionals will put you at ease and use the latest technology to offer complete dental care. From regular exams, cleanings, oral hygiene and ongoing maintenance, we are a full-service general dentist with a wide range of preventative and cosmetic services.


Family Dentistry

Rely on Glick Dental Associates to enhance the oral hygiene and tooth health of your whole family.

Regular visits to your family dentist can help prevent gum disease and cavities. The American Dental Association recommends check-ups with your family dentist at least twice annually. These check-ups are preventative in nature, and can identify oral health issues before painful symptoms arise.


Glick Dental Associates comprehensive family dentistry services can help your whole family have a healthy smile by:


  • Educating family members on proper oral hygiene using age-appropriate language in a comfortable, family-friendly environment.

  • Conducting thorough check-ups to maintain oral health by identifying cavities, plaque build-up and tooth decay.

  • Consulting on additional restorative or cosmetic services offered by our staff or referring you to other specialists as needed.


Using the latest technology, we offer patients of all ages complete dental care. From regular exams, cleanings, oral hygiene and ongoing maintenance, we are a full-service family dentist offering a wide range of preventative and cosmetic services.


Glick Dental Associates has been in business for more than 55 years and offers services in addition to family dentistry, such as sports dentistry, oral surgery, implants, prosthetics, pedodontics, restorative dentistry, periodontics, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and endodontics for people located in Solon, Chagrin Falls, Twinsburg, Bainbridge, Shaker Heights, Orange, Moreland Hills, Warrensville Heights, Pepper Pike, Beachwood and other Cleveland, Ohio suburbs.


Cosmetic Dentistry

About 85% of our patients are in excellent dental health and come to us because they have a cosmetic concern. Each of our doctors is well versed in all of the latest cosmetic techniques and materials and will tailor your treatment to your specific needs as well as your budget.

You can rely on Glick Dental Associates’ cosmetic dentistry services to give you a healthier, happier smile! Whether it’s perfecting your teeth or brightening them up, Glick Dental Associates can improve the appearance of one of your most important assets.

Our smile makeovers include tooth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants and more. We try to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible while using state-of-the-art technology that can make your visit more comfortable and convenient and reduce your recovery time.


Glick Dental Associates’ cosmetic dentistry services can help you feel better about your smile by:

  • Providing a comprehensive assessment of your smile and what can be done to improve it.

  • Showing you before and after photos of actual patients who have undergone cosmetic dentistry.

  • Recommending and demonstrating various procedures, accompanied by printed material you can review at home.

  • Discussing financing or payment options to help manage the cost of this elective dentistry.

  • Referring you to a specialist if you need further evaluation prior to cosmetic dentistry.


Cosmetic Procedures


No one dental cosmetic modality works for every patient or every situation. Bonding, veneers and porcelain crowns each have advantages and disadvantages as well as specific ramifications for your particular dental cosmetic problem. It is important that the pros and cons of available materials and techniques are discussed in detail and that you are comfortable and informed before any treatment is started.


From Botox to Bonding, cosmetic collagen dermal fillers and all porcelain veneers, we can transform your smile almost overnight. We also offer the following services:

  • Tray based gel whitening

  • Botox™ / Juvederm™ to remove wrinkles and lines on the face

  • Reshaping and minor movement of misaligned teeth

  • Laser re-contouring and grafting of the gums

  • Porcelain Veneers and Bonding


Our most common cosmetic procedures involve teeth whitening. This can be done through a variety of teeth whitening procedures, including in-office and at-home whitening. We also offer bonding, veneers, implants and braces. Let Glick Dental Associates help you smile with confidence!


Oral Hygiene & Cleaning

Good oral hygiene results in a healthy mouth that looks and smells good. Clean, healthy mouths display three main traits:

  • No bad breath

  • No pain or bleeding

  • No stains/debris.


If you experience any pain or bleeding while brushing or flossing or persistent bad breath, see your dentist because these signs may indicate a larger problem.


Maintaining good oral hygiene is very important because it prevents painful and costly problems from forming. Maintaining good oral health is as easy as:

  • Brushing two or more times a day and flossing daily

  • Eating a well balanced diet and limiting sugary snacks

  • Seeing a dentist and hygienist at least twice a year

  • Using toothpaste and dental products that contain fluoride

  • Rinsing with a fluoride mouthrinse (if recommended by your dentist)

  • Making sure children under 12 drink fluoridated water or have fluoride supplemented diets.

Oral Surgery

At Glick Dental Associates we are able to take care of all of your dental outpatient surgical needs right in our Solon facility. Using a mild, safe, analgesic gas, sometimes in combination with a sedative such as Valium, and of course using local anesthetic, we can operate on even the most apprehensive of patients while they are comfortably but consciously sedated.

Removal of third molars ("wisdom teeth") is one of the most common surgical procedures needed and our patients seem to really appreciate having the same doctor they already know and trust perform their procedure.

Whatever type of surgical care you require you can be sure that it will be thoroughly discussed, meticulously planned and carried out with the same precision and attention to detail you have come to expect in every aspect of our practice and for which we are well known. Normally your doctor will contact you the evening of the surgery to ensure you are experiencing a normal post-operative period and to answer any questions or concerns that you or your family may have.




You may have read or heard recently about research linking periodontal disease with heart disease, pancreatic cancer, even prostate problems and research is ongoing into the role gum disease may play in several other seemingly unrelated conditions. One thing is for sure, periodontal disease, left untreated, causes bad breath, swelling and bleeding of the gums and leads eventually to loss of the gum's attachment to the underlying bone and premature tooth loss.

Most often periodontal disease begins as a result of the buildup of calculus (or tarter) at the neck of the tooth that provides a perfect environment for the particular type of bacteria whose toxic waste byproducts stimulate your own immune system to produce an overabundance of enzymes capable of destroying bone. Therefore, treatment consists of meticulous and through calculus removal (a process known as scaling and root planing) and often the application of chemicals that kill the offending bacteria and block the production of the destructive enzymes.

Examination and Treatment of Gum Disease

When periodontics is recommended by your dentist, this means that your gums need special attention.

At Glick Dental Associates, every new patient examination and each subsequent six month well care appointment begins with a thorough assessment of your relative periodontal health. Using a very tiny measuring device we keep track of the distance between the edge of the gum and the height of the underlying bone around each tooth. When we start to see those numbers increasing we will recommend a program of more frequent visits, medicinal oral rinses and rigorous home care to get the disease under control.

On occasion we encounter bone loss so severe that surgery may be required to rebuild and re-contour the devastated bone and remove perpetually swollen and permanently scarred tissues so that we can reach infected areas to clean them and restore your ability to maintain them at home. As with most progressive diseases, early detection and regular frequent checkups are the keys to prevention.

There are periodontal procedures that are unrelated to periodontal disease, including restoring receded gum tissue with grafting or removing overgrown gum tissue with a laser, that we routinely perform at Glick Dental and which are usually covered in most major policies.


Come in today for a free consultation and an assessment of your insurance coverage.

Implant Dentistry

Rely on Glick Dental Associates to provide natural-looking, stable dental implants.


When you lose a tooth, you may feel self-conscious about talking or smiling. Your bite may also be misaligned, which can lead to other health issues. Dental implants may provide a remedy to these issues.


Glick Dental Associates’ implant dentistry services can help make your tooth replacement feel more natural and comfortable by:

  • Thoroughly evaluating your oral health and bone structure to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants.

  • Consulting on various methods available for dental implants.

  • Preparing your jaw for implantation and designing and inserting the implant in the office. This process may take several months as multiple steps are involved.

  • Arranging your follow-up oral hygiene and dentist visits to ensure your dental implants are a success.


What Is Implant Dentistry?


Implant dentistry is a surgical procedure where the implants are placed below the gum line and fused to the jaw bone to serve as a base for replacement teeth, dentures or bridges. Because it’s a permanent solution, dental implants are stronger and more durable than most other restorative treatments. Dental implants are among the most successful dental treatments, but because it involves surgery, the jaw preparation and implant placement process may take several months.


What about a bridge or partial denture instead?


One of the main advantages of an implant is the ability to restore a single missing tooth without involving otherwise healthy adjacent teeth. In the case of an existing complete or partial denture, it may be anchored more firmly from underneath without messy adhesive or unsightly clips and clasps.


I've heard that I can have my new teeth placed the same day?


Advertising and marketing campaigns can be deceiving. Under some circumstances your new implants can withstand a very light load almost immediately after surgery however it is important to understand that every case is unique and in most cases you will want to give your implants enough time to heal and become well integrated in the bone of the jaw before stressing them so that chewing will not be uncomfortable and there is no possibility of implant failure or compromise of the long term durability of your new implants. Your doctor will conduct a thorough examination and devise a treatment plan for you that is both feasible and prudent given your individual circumstances. You can rest assured, however, that you will be provided with some form of temporary restoration immediately so that you can eat comfortably and smile without embarrassment.

Orthodontics, Braces & Invisalign

Treatments such as traditional braces and Invisalign-like clear plastic aligners that fit over the teeth and move them to the desired position can enhance your facial structure and simplify oral hygiene.

Not every dentist is an orthodontist, but Glick Dental Associates has these services as well as bite guards and splints to treat your TMJ needs in our office.

This isn't your grandma's orthodontics. Today's orthodontic patient benefits from some wonderful advances in the art and science of straightening smiles. Special wire crafted of a hybrid metal called Thermally Activated Nickel-Titanium, which has memory and when warmed in the mouth tends to gradually and painlessly return to its original shape, means a far more comfortable experience and vastly reduced treatment times - often cases can be completed in less than 18 months.

Types of Orthodontic Treatments include:

  • Conventional orthodontic treatment consisting of metal brackets and wires with multicolored or matching ligatures. Most of our patients under 18 choose this least expensive option.

  • New ceramic brackets are crystal clear and along with clear ligatures and white wires virtually disappear in the mouth. This option adds a few hundred dollars to total treatment cost but many of our adult patients choose this option.

  • Invisialign™ is the brand name of a series of retainer-like appliances that, when worn in a series, gradually move the teeth into a more desirable location. This option is limited to adults and relatively simple cases. While the appliance has the advantage of being invisible in the mouth it can cause some minor speech issues, takes somewhat longer to complete and costs a bit more than the other alternatives. Nonetheless, many of our patients have found this is the option that makes sense for them.


With all of the options, how do you pick the option that is right or you? Glick Dental Associates’ orthodontic and Invisalign services can help realign your smile by:

  • Showing you before and after photos of actual patients who have had braces.

  • Formulating the best orthodontic plan for you by reviewing your dental records and X-rays and creating a model, or impression, of your teeth.

  • Developing a customized treatment follow-up plan, which may include a retainer.

  • Arranging your follow-up oral hygiene and dentist visits to ensure your orthodontic treatments are a success.

  • Orthodontic Dentistry for Solon, Beachwood, Shaker Heights and Other Cleveland, Ohio Locations


When Should My Kids Be Evaluated?


The American Dental Association recommends an orthodontic evaluation by age 7. Whether you’re a child or an adult, orthodontics can maximize the effectiveness of your teeth and create a balanced smile. Some orthodontic treatments take longer than others, and depend on factors such as age, oral health and your commitment to oral hygiene.


Endodontics & Root Canal

You probably don't think of a tooth as an organ, but it is just as much an organ as your liver or a kidney. To be sure it is nowhere near as complicated, but each tooth has a central core that contains tiny blood vessels, lymphatic and a nerve. If a cavity gets deep enough to infect the central core or pulp chamber of the tooth or that central core is damaged in some other way, eventually the internal contents become infected and can become quite painful. At that point the dentist may refer to the condition as an abscess and recommend "root canal" treatment.

What is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the aspect of dentistry that deals with the treatment of the inside of the tooth, or root canal system. Very often a tooth can be saved simply by removing the internal contents of the tooth. Generally this is accomplished with local anesthetic and sometimes in conjunction  with the use of Nitrous Oxide gas.

If you ever need to have a root canal, you will be comforted to know that at Glick Dental Associates we use the very latest automated technology to make this procedure as fast and painless as possible.

Pedodontics and Children's Dentistry


A fun, kid friendly environment is

not what make us one of the premier pediatric dental offices in the area. With kids, it is all about taking the time to explain and demonstrate everything we do in advance and gaining the respect and trust of both child and parent.

Supporting You and Your Children


In most circumstances we encourage parents and siblings to accompany a child into the operating area so that the child feels relaxed and supported throughout their appointment. You will find that our doctors and staff are eager to make your child's dental visit as safe and non-traumatic as possible.

Orthodontic/Orthopedic problems are best treated early and that is why monitoring and evaluating a child's growth and development is as important as cavity detection and preventive education to their long term dental wellbeing. You will find that at Glick Dental Associates each semi-annual exam includes such an evaluation.

For our youngest patients: 

Curious George goes to the dentist.



In addition to all of the special services and cosmetic procedures available at Glick Dental, we still make removable dentures and partial dentures. But today's dentures from Glick Dental, incorporating Swiss-Dent teeth, look more lifelike and are more comfortable than in the past.

Stronger Dentures for More Confidence


Our dentures are made from ballistic strength plastic so that they last longer too. Even if you have a perfectly serviceable denture you may want to consider having us place two or four implants underneath for stability and confidence. That means the uppers can be modified so that the palate is removed which greatly improves taste and temperature sensation. On the lower your denture will be more secure allowing you to eat that steak you have been avoiding or bite into an apple in public.


We have improved techniques for partial dentures too. Ask us about the Glick Dental Precision Partial Denture. The precision technique does away with the unsightly conventional clasps and replaces them with internal attachments that are completely invisible even with the widest of smiles.


Faster Fittings and Fixes

Sitting in the dental chair for hours waiting for the dentist to finish with the whiny youngster in the next chair will simply be an unpleasant memory. Because at Glick Dental the Expanded Function Dental Assistant (EFDA) assigned to your case will accomplish many of the non-critical tasks and keep your appointment moving right along so that fillings, crowns and fixed bridgework are all accomplished in less than half the time.

Our Services
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